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A look back at the history of our greenhouse gases - CO2 over 800,000 years!

Spoiler… This blog post has no recipe. It is a short intermission from all food-focused entries to show a graph I think every human should be familiar with… (Image sourse UNC Charlotte MESAS: I know many people would rather read recipes than look at graphs, but this one is critical that we all understand. The blue line shows the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (our most abundant greenhouse gas) in the earth’s atmosphere over the last …. 800,000 years! Let’s put that in perspective…our human predecessor, Homo Erectus didn’t show up until about 250,000 years ago and so this is a record from WAY before humans inhabited the planet. What is obvious is that the

Reduce Food Waste - More impact on reducing global warming than solar or hydro power!

Happy Earth Day! We have only one planet but 7 billions people who can protect it! Spring is a perfect time to start preparing for our summery gardens, either in the ground or in containers on our porches. If you've ever gardened before, you know that mis-formed fruits and vegetables are just part of the process. Check out this pile of potatoes from my garden last year. Here is one of my absolute favorites .... I had an awesome crop of purple potatoes and one of them came out of the ground like THIS.... I am not joking here... the "hunchback monk purple spud". I loved him dearly and kept him on my window sill for weeks before he met his demise and was roasted to perfection. While this was

Humanity-Saving (Beef Reducing) Lentil Taco Recipe

There is almost unanimous agreement that in order to realize a sustainable food future AND dramatically reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to limit the impacts of climate change for our kids and their kids, we’re going to have to eat a lot less beef. This does not mean a sad and flavorless food future, and it doesn’t mean we have to all turn vegan. Small changes can result in huge impacts and lentils are a great way to start – BUT you have to know a few tricks to up your game on the lentil / ground beef switcheroo…. Why does this matter to the world? First of all, let’s all get on the same page regarding our food choices impact on the environment. I’m going to just focus

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