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Energy Efficient Food …. It’s all about the SAUCE ! ?

OK, so this blog title may seem like a bit of a stretch but here’s my thinking…. In order to realize a sustainable food future, we have to ‘TAKE BACK COOKING” – reinvigorate a love of home cooking so we replace our dependence on hyper-processed, packaged food with enormous embodied energy with home-cooked food from real, simple, maybe even local ingredients. But, competing with the flavors of some processed or take-out food can be challenging, with their calorie dense, tempting aromas and staged packaging photos often promising more than they actually deliver. This is especially true on a week night after a long work or school day when we have limited time & personal energy to cook. Gettin

How does an electric INDUCTION cooktop work?

In the past, there used to be only two mainstream options for stovetop burner selection: Electric resistance and Gas flame. Now there’s a third option and it demands some attention since it is very energy efficient – electric induction cooktop. In fact, if I were purchasing a cooktop today, I would choose induction. These cooktops “look” very similar to a modern electric resistance cooktop with it’s glass top AND is also similar to these electric resistance cooktops since the energy input is all electricity (only a plug, no gas). BUT the physics that is used to heat the food is quite different. First, allow me to "geek out" for a moment. We first have to establish a bit of baseline physi

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