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Reduce your single-use plastic use…carry your own cutlery!

Single-use plastic has invaded our lives so completely; eliminating it is effectively impossible. In fact, we often don’t even “see” plastic because it is just threaded into our daily habits. Single-use plastic is plastic that is used …. well …. a single time … once. Much of our packaging (milk jugs, to-go containers, detergent bottles, soda bottles, …) is difficult to eliminate, although I can suggest some ways to reduce this in future blogs. Other examples of single-use plastic are very easy to eliminate, in fact we can do so TODAY. One example is plastic cutlery. Many group eating events provide plastic forks, spoons and knives. It is also becoming common in some restaurants and hotel

What's more energy efficient...A Gas or Electric Range?

A frequent question I receive is if gas or electric stove-tops are more efficient. As with many of these questions, the answer is a very clear and concise...."Well, it depends." Here's the summary... First of all, let's establish three possible options (remember this is just for stove-tops, this is not a discussion about ovens): 1. Gas 2. Electric Resistance (coil that gets red hot, either beneath a glass top or as an exposed coil) 3. Electric Induction (newest option, not familiar to many - see my previous blog post about how these work) Modernist Cuisine (an absolutely beautiful collection of books dedicated to the science of cooking by Nathan Myhrvold) analyzed the efficiency of these

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