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The Science of Cooking Efficiently


Change the World with...Delicious Food

YouTube video series highlighting simple, delicious recipes at the intersection of:
* environmental sustainability
* maximum nutritional benefit
* food physics
* limited single-use packaging
* minimum cost



I hope these will get you excited about cooking and eating real, delicious food and sharing it with others!

Also visit my TikTok Channel for short tips and tricks to minimize the environmental impact of our food system while cooking quick, easy, DELICIOUS recipes!


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Other Video Content:

PHY Colloquium Screen Shot 1.png

Food Physics - Cooking up a Global Climate Change Solution!
Physics and Astronomy colloquium at Appalachian State University

March, 2021

Video available:

AASHE Cooking Evangelism Lightening Talk Thumbnail.jpg

Cooking Evangelist in College Curriculum Programs - A Pathway to a Sustainable Food Future
A Lightening Talk at 2019 AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) Conference

October, 2020

Video available:

The Physics of Solar Ovens
NC Museum of Natural Science, Science Cafe
April, 2018
Video available:


September, 2020
Video available:

TEDx Talk - Take Back Cooking, A Delicious Climate Change Solution
Appalachian State University
April, 2018
Video available:

Understanding the Science of Water in the Kitchen

Science Cafe, NC Museum of Natural Sciences

June, 2015

click this image or visit:

The Thermodynamics of Skillet Materials - Understanding the science that determines the difference between cast iron, copper, aluminum and other skillet options.

Science Cafe, NC Museum of Natural Sciences

September, 2016

click the image to the left or visit:

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