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Wait … do you really need that PAPER towel? Try UN-PAPER towels & napkins!

Next time you reach to rip off a paper towel from the roll, pause to consider if there may be a better material for this purpose. Ok, let’s face it, for really yucky jobs, paper towels are wonderful – just wipe and toss! But, 95% of what we do with a paper towel was relatively “low-yuck” like wiping a counter, wrapping a bagel on the way out the door, or sopping up spilled juice. For these tasks, fabric “un-paper towels” that can be washed over and over again are an excellent choice. But really – are paper towels really a big deal? Don’t tossed paper towels decompose quickly without leaching environmental toxins? Well, yes, it isn’t the END life of a paper towel that is environmentally co

What’s the most sustainable skillet?

Many years ago, when I began my work as a food physicist, I became intrigued with the range of choices available when buying a new skillet. Just check out the skillet isle next time you’re in a store with a kitchen section - it’s impressive! From the tried-and-true cast iron, raw or enameled to stainless all-clad to the latest “eco” non-stick, to anodized aluminum & solid copper. How is one to know the best option?? A good skillet is a critical component of any kitchen. And skillets are unique kitchen tools in that they are typically “thermally dominant.” In other words, when cooking things in a skillet there is typically a low food-to-pan ratio by mass and so the skillet material becom

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