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College years are a great time to start LONG-LASTING cooking skills!

I feel very fortunate to be able to teach about the physics of food and cooking as part of my faculty position at Appalachian State University. Here is a link to a podcast about my first year seminar Know Watts Cooking class. The students are fantastic and always provide great input to the subject! I think I learn as much from them as they do from me!! I believe that these college years are a FANTASTIC time to start long-lasting cooking skills that will lead to a sustainable food future. It's often the first time a person has their own kitchen and gets to decide if they are going actually USE that room or depend on a processed food system for their "nutritional" needs. Listen to the "Kno

Get the most out of a hot oven...load it up!

Your oven is a great cooking tool and roasted meals are typically easy and delicious. The average full-size oven has 30 pounds of steel and so heating all that mass is no small energy feat. A great energy-efficiency trick is to use it for several meals once it's hot, including tomorrow's breakfast or lunch or maybe precook dinner for a busy evening you see later this week. You'll save energy AND your future self will thank you for an easy warm-and-enjoy meal. Warming food in the microwave takes much less energy than cooking it from scratch in the oven. Can't get any more "fast food" than that! There's so much volume in there and more food does not significantly add to the amount of energy

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