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Skip the cereal box – make super easy, low cost, environmentally friendly slow cooker SUMMER GRANOLA

My morning “go to” breakfast is a bowl of homemade granola with some nuts, fruits and yogurt or milk! But, during the summer, turning on the oven in my mountain home with no air conditioning is a rare occurrence since I don’t want to heat up the house. To keep the granola coming without heating the house, I turn to the slow cooker on the porch for endless batches of summer granola. Granola cooked in a slow cooker is not quite a crunchy as the oven-cooked version, but so, so easy and still delicious. Lower temperatures in the slow cooker explain this lack of crunch and lighter color. When cooking granola in an oven, you are doing two things …. dehydrating and browning. When cooking granola in

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