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TAP water is perfect for hurricane preparations

OK – so hurricane preparations are upon us once again. The one item on many people's “to do” list that you can scratch off now is buying bottled water BEFORE the storm. Really, this is unnecessary. Before the storm, we all have tap water that is completely safe, easy, basically free and completely VOID OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC WASTE. Simply clean jugs, jars, bottles and buckets you have around the house and fill them so you have plenty of drinking water through the storm and beyond. If these have not been through the dishwasher recently, sterilize them first with a rinse of 1 teaspoon Clorox to 1 quart of water. Let this wet all surfaces and sit for 30 seconds. Rinse and you’re set.

There is encouraging growing momentum across the world toward the reduction of single-use plastic as it has tremendous negative environmental impacts. Let’s not leave our plastic waste for our kids to handle. The only solution is to reduce plastic waste BEFORE it is purchased which will reduce demand and therefore reduce production.

Now if you’re thinking…”No worries, Carla, I put my plastic bottles in the recycle bin”…you probably want to read this article. Not only is recycling energy-intensive, most of our plastic isn’t ever recycled. This is getting worse due to China’s 2018 waste import restrictions which greatly reduces the amount of our recyclable material they will accept.

SO, here’s an easy way to reduce a glug of single-use plastic and the transportation energy to ship those bottles around the world. Spread the word, fill your water jugs from you home TAP before the hurricane gets here. We got this!

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