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Community Gatherings Build Momentum for Local Food (Community FEaST, Take 2...)

There is incredible momentum building for a future sustainable food system and much of this is starting in our communities. While we would like to see and should continue to encourage large national policies which promote this future, the conversations that we have among our friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members is so important to build this momentum.

We hosted the 2nd annual Community FEaST (Food Engagement and Story Telling) on the campus of Appalachian State University and it was amazing. The meal was very simple (and locally sourced) and delicious and the conversations were fantastic. Gathering around a table (100 yards long ... or smaller!) sets the perfect stage for transformational conversations about our energy habits and how each of us can become part of the solution!

Thanks for everyone in the AppalFRESH (Appalachian Food Research for Equity, Sustainability and Health) Collaborative and the support of many entities on Appalachian State University's campus as well as our local BRWIA Food Hub who came together to make this event possible.

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